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The Kenya coast offers world class fishing with a large variety of different species close to shore that includes no less than 6 types of billfish, Shark, Tuna, Kingfish, Dorado, Barracuda and Wahoo. You have, for example, a better chance of catching a Striped Marlin from Shimoni off the south coast than anywhere else in the world.

All fishing is from modern well equipped boats with experienced crews with tag and release in accordance with Professional Association Rules…. you catch the fish and not the professional crew.

The two monsoons result in 2 distinct fishing seasons.The billfish season is from December to April and the Tuna Yellowfish season is from August to November.

You can fish from Kiwayu, Lamu, Malindi, Watamu, Kilifi, Mombasa, Diani and Shimoni and there are many fishing competitions during the year. For the beginner to the experienced fisherman there is excitement and memories to be made.

Swim with dolphins
Swimming with Dolphins has been recognized as one of life’s special moments and even medically challenged non-swimmers derive enormous benefit and pleasure from this most natural and uplifting experience. The safe warm waters of the Kenya coast provide you with this unique opportunity. You will sail in a dhow off the south of Shimoni in the Kisite National Marine Park and then swim with peaceful exotic colorful tropical fish around you and lovely live corals.

To enjoy the dolphins you do not have to be a swimmer as experienced guides provide buoyancy aids and life rings. If you prefer to stay dry you can sail in a dinghy and view the reef through a specially designed viewing scope. Meeting dolphins is never guaranteed as it requires calm conditions and dolphins in the mood to play. However it happens frequently and this excursion will be a day to remember.


The waters off our coast are home to a massive diversity of marine life and diving here is must for the initiated. If you have not dived before join one of the many multilingual PADI diving course attached to the beach hotels and explore the fabulous Indian Ocean.
It is not uncommon to cross paths with a 15 meter whale shark cruising leisurely along the coast. Whale sharks are completely harmless to humans. An encounter with one of these gentle giants is an experience you will never forget.

Beginners you will learn the basics in a swimming pool under careful supervision followed by fun dives. If you have never before experienced the beauty of underwater coral and tropical fish…now is your chance. Kenya has safe swimming with barrier reefs and our waters have been compared to the Red Sea and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. For experienced divers a diving safari to Pemba can be arranged with 100 feet vertical drops. Ocean temperatures are warm and visibility is from 20 to 35 meters. There are a large number of dive sites with sunken wrecks.

Dhow cruises
Kenya on the shores of the Indian Ocean has a long association with Dhows that have sailed for centuries between Arabia, India and East Africa using monsoon winds in one of the oldest established trade in the world. Traditional dhows are built without metal using local materials and this ancient craft is still practiced in such places as Lamu today.

A number of Dhows have been converted with modern techniques and given diesel engines for safe cruising with tourists.

In Lamu you may sail around the islands or take a sunset cruise or a moonlight cruise. In Shimoni you may sail to the marine park in a Dhow and from Mombasa a number of dhow cruises with activities are available for night and day cruises.

The Tamarind Dhow, operated by a leading Kenyan restaurant company, offers night cruises in calm inland waters with superb meals cooked on board with live music and dancing and on Mtwapa Creek day cruises offer witchdoctors and other delights. Take the opportunity to enjoy this special experience whilst at the coast.

Mombasa has two well kept 18 hole golf courses and Diani Beach has one. They each have resident proffesionals, golf shops and a restaurant and all are scenic and an excellent reason to bring your clubs. Malindi also has one 9 hole golf course although it may be less watered and a harder surface it will offer some challenges. Numerous golf courses are to be found in Nairobi and upcountry, including the famous Mount Kenya Safari Club. For the serious golfer there is plenty of reason to plan a special golfing safari to Kenya.

Haller Park
visit to Haller Park, close to Mombasa, makes a fascinating days outing. Currently famous as the home of a baby hippo that was rescued after being washed out to sea during the tragic Tsunami (Kenya was barely touched by tidal waves and only experienced minor variations in sea tides). The hippo has become attached to a Giant tortoise and they are inseparable friends. This true story is now told in a popular childrens book.

Here you may see hippos being fed and have the opportunity to meet with giraffe at their head height on a special feeding platform. Fun for adults and kids.

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